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Jaqar’s expertise is maximizing the value of your business.


Our team gathers extensive knowledge and experience in M&A and is always prepared to overcome any obstacles in the integration of Brazilian and multinational companies involving cross-border and turnaround operations as well as succession planning for family businesses.


Jaqar stands out because of its extensive background in management, strategy, controllership, corporate governance, finance, sales, and marketing, acquired throughout years of business experience.

The entrepreneurs, who are the primary propellers of the economy and that take on investment risks when working towards the development of their companies, need committed partners. Jaqar is one of those partners.

At Jaqar, we consider the confidentiality of our operations and the maximization of our client’s business value to be unequivocal priorities.


All of our operations are customized to meet our client’s needs according to the organizational culture of their company.


All of our projects follow an international standard so as to satisfy any legal requirements as well as the expectations of all stakeholders involved in the process.

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