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Every business requires unique and custom strategies according to their reality and culture. We are committed to a quality and distinct delivery based on the DNA of each of our client companies.


Confidentiality is one of our main pillars that sustain our business. We are aware that we are dealing with singular situations of the utmost importance for our clients.

Preparation for M&A

A business owner, like an investor, needs to seek the maximum profitability for their business. Often, companies are not well equipped or the macroeconomic environment isn’t favorable for an M&A operation. This is when companies should look to create structure to their internal processes, their corporate governance, and their strategy for attraction and retention of clients, in order to eventually seek a strategic partner, better prepared for an M&A operation.

The beginning of a mergers and acquisitions process involves numerous steps. At Jaqar, we strategically advise our clients, modifying and implementing tools and resources for management, that will attract investors, allowing for a value maximization of the company. 

Mergers & Acquisitions

The merging between companies or the search for a strategic partner for the expansion of your business can be an extremely complex process and needs to be meticulously planned, structured and executed, evaluating the numerous alternatives existent in the market.
Each project outline is divided into stages and each one of them demands a step-by-step execution and actions that are vital to the success of the transaction and operation. 
Our expertise allows us to thoroughly evaluate and assess the pillars of management, market analysis, strategy, and financial analysis in multicultural environments. 

Due Diligence

One of the stages of an M&A operation is due diligence. It happens in one of the latter phases of the negotiation process. Usually, it begins after the buyers or investors have shown real interest in acquiring the company in full or part of the shares of the company through a “Letter of Intent.” 

In this stage a detailed investigation is opened to examine different areas of the company pertinent to the negotiation. This process is very important because it is usually the moment when investors and/or buyers, for the first time in the M&A operation, are able to attest to everything that has been presented to them throughout the negotiation. The main objective of this investigation is to understand in depth all of the areas involving the business that is being acquired.

At Jaqar, we could advise all of our clients in the due diligence process. In some M&A operations that we conduct, we suggest that a pre-due diligence take place in order to speed up the process of closing the deal, minimizing the possibilities of unexpected contingencies.

Counseling and Debt Restructuring

The counseling process is meticulous and it starts by identifying the causes that have led to the imbalance in the capital structure of the company, following with outlining the alternatives to restructure it to acceptable standards determined by the market players. For instance: a new debt raising, with interest rate reduction (1), equity investiment (2), joining of a new investor selected by Jaqar. 

Our counseling services include a complete analysis of the profitability of the business, management, and corporate governance of the company to safely verify the economic and financial viability of the projects.

Marketing Guidance and Brand Image

The value of a company undoubtedly, fundamentally relies on its marketing strategy. It has become increasingly important for a company to look out for its name and its brand image. The branding of a company takes into account everything from the conceptualization of the brand to the day-to-day marketing actions of the company.

At Jaqar, we adjust the positioning of  our client’s brand and devise a marketing plan with actions focused on  value creation, aimed to meet the standards of the investors and the market.

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